Volkswagen Beetle

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About Volkswagen

As a brand, Volkswagen makes products for both global and regional customers. Their largest markets include Latin America, the USA, China and Europe. As of 2019, one of its best-selling models is the Tiguan, but the company has also found tremendous success with hatchbacks. In fact, Volkswagen is considered by many industry insiders to be the world’s top hatchback producer.

One reason for this success is that hatchbacks have always been wildly popular in Europe, and Volkswagen offers an extensive range of models such as the C-segment, A-segment and B-segment. The Volkswagen Golf in particular has been quite successful in the EU, while the Volkswagen Polo is the hatchback of choice in emerging markets.

About Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle, which is also known as Volkswagen Type 1 or the Bug, is an economy car with two doors that was first introduced in 1938. Despite its small size many can carry up to five passengers due to the rear engine, and it is considered a German icon which is one of the nation’s best-selling vehicles.

During the 1930s, few Germans owned a car and the government wanted a vehicle that was affordable, yet reliable and capable of being mass produced. The Beetle met all this criteria, and is regarded by many auto historians as being the car that put Volkswagen on the map. Despite using one platform, civilian models wouldn’t be mass produced until the conclusion of the Second World War. The very first Beetle could only reach a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour, and as time passed its success would allow it and similar hatchbacks to dominate Europe’s car market. Along with the Ford Model T and Mini, the Volkswagen Beetle is considered one of the most important cars of the twentieth century.

Common Volkswagen Beetle A/C Problems

One owner complained that foam was emitted from their vents which annoyed them but could also cause health problems or an accident, especially if some gets into the eyes of the driver. The foam also seems to interfere with the A/C temperature. Volkswagen has been notified of the problem and their engineers have worked to solve it.

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