Toyota Tacoma

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About Toyota

Toyota has experimented heavily with hybrid plugin vehicles. Prototype road trials started in 2008, and by 2010 two hundred units were delivered to eighteen European countries. Other nations have also participated in the experimental program, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and China. The production Toyota Prius plugin was introduced in 2012 in Japan, and the United States received its first models in February of that year. Global sales increased to over 75,000 units by 2016, with the USA becoming the largest market followed by Japan and Europe.

About Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma pickup truck was first introduced by Toyota in 1995. While the first generation was compact, the succeeding generations have been moderately sized, and were so successful that they received the prestigious Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend in 2005. The Tacoma’s are produced mostly in Mexico and the USA, and are sold throughout North and South America.

The newer models have an outer profile which borrows certain design cues from the 4Runner and Tundra.  However, the Tacoma is much more masculine and aggressive, with a prominent grille and projector beam styled headlamps. Both the bed along with its tailgate has been redesigned with a logo that is debossed and a spoiler that is infused. It has the option of a V6 engine which is 3.5 liter with an automatic or manual six speed transmission. While some models deliver as little as 160 horsepower, the most powerful variants can provide up to 278 hp.

Common Toyota Tacoma A/C Problems

One owner complained that the Tacoma’s A/C condenser hose is easily blocked, which results in excessive water building behind the truck’s dashboard. Although the purpose of the condenser hose is discharging condensation from the A/C, this produces fire hazard and the increased likelihood of electrical or mechanical failure. This is a serious issue which the owner believes Toyota has been aware for years, and multiple drivers have reported it. Someone even noted that the water buildup in the back of the dashboard caused smoke to be sent into the cabin, and to make matters worse, the repairs were not warranty covered.

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