Toyota Sienna

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About Toyota

Toyota has become a world leader when it comes to electric hybrid vehicles. This is because it was one of the earliest automakers to embark on global mass production, with the release of the 1997 Prius. Other famous models such as the Camry and Lexus now have the hybrid option, which is collectively referred to by Toyota engineers as Hybrid Synergy Drive. These cars have sold more than fifteen million units and the Prius family of vehicles has become one of the best-selling nameplates, with about four million units sold since 2017.

About Toyota Sienna

The Sienna minivan was first introduced by Toyota in 1997. It is the successor to the Previa, and is named after Siena, an Italian city in Tuscany. The vehicle is assembled at the manufacturing facility in Indiana and has a front wheel drive system that is conventional, with a Camry like platform that has been heavily modified. Initially, the Sienna was smaller than its competitors, but by 2004 its dimensions were largely the same.

Once General Motors discontinued its AWD minivans during 2006, the Toyota Sienna remained the last minivan to provide AWD until the release of the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica. This gave the Sienna a distinct advantage and its outstanding design earned a Top Safety Pick award via the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Four generations have been released so far, with the latest being planned for 2021. The newest edition uses the GA-K platform, as well as a powertrain which is hybridized. It will be capable of towing up to 3500 pounds.

Common Toyota Sienna A/C Problems

The owner of one Toyota Sienna revealed that whenever they activated the air conditioning only hot air would circulate through the vents. They took the minivan to a local technician who added some Freon to it, but the issue persisted. The owner then took the vehicle in for repairs a second time and it was discovered that the A/C O-rings had to be replaced since a leak was present. This fixed the issue, and Toyota was notified of the problem. The issue occurred in a model which had approximately 139,000 miles.

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