Toyota RAV4

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About Toyota

North America is one of Toyota’s most important markets, and as such the company established its headquarters at Plano, Texas. In fact, Toyota Motor North America is also the holding company, and performs engineering and production work at Georgetown in Kentucky. Toyota also has a presence in Canada, which has existed since 1983. Its Canadian plants play a key role in the construction of aluminum wheels, and a complete assembly plant was opened in Ontario at Cambridge. Today this plant assembles vehicles such as the Corolla, Lexus RX and Matrix crossover.

About Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 is a crossover SUV compact in size that was first introduced in 1994. It was designed primarily for customers who desired a vehicle which provided most of the perks of an SUV, with the fuel consumption and maneuverability of compact cars. As such, the RAV4 offered the best of both worlds. It has more cargo room and greater visibility than the typical compact vehicle, but doesn’t require the excessive fuel that is needed for larger SUVs.

Some variants also offer four wheel drive. The acronym “RAV” originally stood for Recreational Activity Vehicle, but in recent years has been changed to “Robust Accurate Vehicle.” The “4” stands for four wheel drive, and starting with 3rd generation models, buyers had the option of either a long or short wheel base. The short wheelbase was designed for drivers in Europe and Japan, whereas the long wheelbase was geared towards North American and Australian drivers. The 5th generation was introduced in 2018 during the International Auto Show in New York and it comes in five versions, which are Adventure, Limited, XLE, LE and XLE Premium.

Common Toyota RAV4 A/C Problems

One driver attempted to use their RAV4’s A/C one day only to find it wasn’t working. They initially assumed the charge was too low, and took the vehicle to have it filled. However, this did not fix the issue and upon inspection it was discovered that the RAV4’s compressor did not pressure the system, which meant that the lines did not become cold. Ultimately it was decided that the best solution was to replace the compressor completely.

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