Toyota Highlander

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About Toyota

Toyota has built factories all over the globe to expand its production and marketing capabilities. These facilities are located in places such as Canada, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, China, France, the USA and the Czech Republic. Historically, most of Toyota’s revenues came from its native Japan, with North America coming in second place and Europe third. To increase the efficiency of its global supply chain, Toyota executives developed a system called IIMV, or Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle project, which is designed to meet market demand in over 140 countries. For example, IIMV mandates that diesel engines be constructed in one country, while the gasoline engines might be made in another.

About Toyota Highlander

The Highlander, which is also called Kluger, is a medium sized crossover sport utility vehicle which uses the platform found in the Camry. It was first showcased in the year 2000 and became available for sale in 2001. It is not as rugged as the 4Runner, which is truck based, and became one of Toyota’s top selling vehicles. The fourth generation, which appeared in 2019, uses the GA-K platform and comes in 5 model grades that include LE, L, Platinum, Limited and XLE. It is available in gasoline and hybrid variants, and each model comes with Safety Sense 2.0. The nameplate “Highlander” cannot be used in Australia or Japan due to trademark issues involving Hyundai, so in those countries it is called the Toyota Kluger. In German the name “kluger” means clever or intelligent.

Common Toyota Highlander A/C Problems

One owner stated that while their Highlander was parked, the carpet became water soaked, and upon taking the vehicle to a dealer it was found that the A/C drain had become clogged and needed flushing. After fixing the issue Toyota was made aware of the failure. Another driver reported that the Highlander’s A/C condenser is not adequately protected and as a consequence it became damaged due to road debris, which cost the owner four figures to repair. This issue has been reported by other owners, and is believed to be the result of a defect since the condenser is mounted low with large holes in front. This creates a funnel which is perfect for collecting unwanted rocks or other debris.

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