Toyota FJ Cruiser

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About Toyota

Toyota has developed a number of proprietary technologies over the years. One example is smart cars, which the company has invested over $4 billion since 2018. It’s Artificial Intelligence and robotics research is primarily designed to make vehicles safer, and it has also experimented heavily with self-driving cars. In fact, Toyota has invested $500 million in Uber with the goal of merging their technology with Toyota’s minivans, particularly the Sienna. Toyota has also formed an alliance with Cogobuy, a Chinese owned firm that deals with both telecommunication and computer hardware.

About Toyota FJ Cruiser

The FJ Cruiser is a moderately sized, retro style SUV. It was first showcased as the concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show in 2003, and the positive reception led to it being produced and introduced in 2005. It was assembled at the Hino Motors facility at Hamura, Japan and has a number of structural similarities with the Land Cruiser Prado. The SUV has been sold in Japan, the USA, Australia, the Philippines, the Middle East and South Africa.

The FJ Cruiser is distinctive for its stock frame, shortened wheelbase and grille style headlights which are akin to the FJ40. The windshield is almost completely vertical and uses 3 windshield wipers rather than two, which allows for maximized surface coverage. The body has access doors in the rear with specialized steel that is extra strength and added to give the vehicle additional collision protection without having to use door pillars.

Common Toyota FJ Cruiser A/C Problems

One common problem that is cited by some drivers is the inability of the A/C system to blow out cold air. There could be several causes for this, including insufficient refrigerant, poor condenser, failing clutch cycling switch or blower motor. The blend doors, which are responsible for managing the amount of heated and cooled air that enters the cabin, can sometimes lock up or jam, which means the vehicle won’t be able to correctly respond to any requested temperature changes. The condenser usually doesn’t cause problems unless it has been damaged due to an accident or other factors but is vulnerable to clogging, which prevents the coolant from transforming.

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