Toyota Corolla

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About Toyota

Since its founding, Toyota has made a number of key contributions to automotive technology. It was one of the earliest companies to start mass production of gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles, which sold millions of units around the globe, and its Advanced Parking Guidance System allows vehicles to automatically park without assistance from drivers. While most Japanese vehicles have a reputation for dependability, Toyota frequently ranks near or at the top, with few automobile recalls in comparison to the competition. Toyota has partial ownership of Daihatsu, which has allowed it to expand its production and marketing capabilities to key markets in Southeast Asia and Australia.

About Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is one of Toyota’s oldest and most successful models. First released in 1966, by 1974 it was the world’s best-selling automobile, and has remained at or near this level since. It has been produced in 12 generations so far and by 2016 Toyota was estimated to have sold 44 million units. The “corolla” is Latin for “little crown,” and the car has received some significant redesigns since its inception.

The earliest models were primarily rear wheel drive, while newer editions use front wheel drive. Toyota engineers have also built four wheel drive variants. In Japan, the Corolla has always been limited to the Corolla Store establishments, and prior to the year 2000 was constructed with twin vehicles named Toyota Sprinter. Between 2006 and 2018 in Japan and other parts of the world, the Corolla was sold with a hatchback companion which was named Toyota Auris.

Common Toyota Corolla A/C Problems

One owner stated that their A/C compressor shut down and failed, resulting in hot air blowing from the vent. There was no warning sign given, and the issue appears to happen suddenly. Another owner revealed that their A/C developed a leak in the main line which attaches to its square box near the car’s back wall. The issue is believed to be the result of the car striking a curb which damaged the tire on the passenger side. Whenever the car sits idle near a stop sign or light, hot air will blow out.

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