Toyota 4 Runner

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About Toyota

Toyota is widely respected for its production and manufacturing capabilities. This is due to the creation of its Toyota Production System, which has enabled the company to establish long term management decisions with a process flow that is continuous, allowing planners to identify problems early. Pull systems are utilized to prevent overproduction, and the workload is leveled out. Additionally, Toyota has standardized many of its tasks which allows for continual improvement, and they only incorporate technologies which have been rigorously tested.

About Toyota 4 Runner

The 4 Runner is a moderately sized sport utility vehicle which was first introduced by Toyota in 1984. Called the Hilux Surf in Japan, early models were fairly basic, with a fiberglass shell that extended above the bed. However, the success of the series has led to many improvements and upgrades over the years. The fifth generation was showcased in 2009 and comes with three trim levels. It also uses the KDSS, or Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, which is a proprietary technology designed specifically for Toyota vehicles. Buyers get the option of a V6 engine that is four liter, or a V8. Starting in 2014 the 4 Runner got a visual upgrade, with the rear and front fascia being revised using projector style headlamps and tail lamps made with LEDs. Soft touch trim was added to the interior door, as well as a steering wheel wrapped in leather. The braking system was enhanced with a superior pedal feel.

Common Toyota 4 Runner A/C Problems

One owner complained that their 4 Runner’s A/C unit wouldn’t blow out cold air, regardless of the temperature settings. Mechanics who reviewed the air conditioning concluded that the refrigerant levels must be too low, but one expert noted that many Toyota vehicles also have sight glass inside their refrigerant line which is in front of its radiator. The issue could also be caused by a faulty relay, which has been reported in some fourth generation models. One common sign of a faulty relay is a blinking light, and many owners have resolved the issue by simply buying a new one.

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