Nissan Rogue

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About Nissan

One of the technologies that Nissan has pioneered is autonomous automobiles. In 2013, the company revealed plans to produce multiple driverless vehicles by 2020. So far, Nissan has constructed a dedicated proving ground for such vehicles in Japan, and autonomous tech has also been built into the Nissan Leaf, which is a fully electric car that was built for demonstration. Nissan engineers also outfitted the Leaf with state of the art Driver Assistance tech which was given a license plate allowing it to navigate public Japanese roads. It is believed that the time spent navigating will refine the ability of the car to handle various road conditions even in adverse weather.

About Nissan Rogue

The Rogue is a compact SUV crossover that is manufactured by Nissan. It was first showcased in 2007, but wouldn’t become available for sale until 2008. Three generations have been built so far with the latest arriving in 2020. The Rogue has been a tremendous success with high sales volumes both in the USA and Canada. Each model is outfitted with a four cylinder, 2.5 liter engine that is wedded to a standardized continuously variable transmission. Generations one and two can produce up to 170 horsepower, while third generation models can produce 181 horsepower. Although the Nissan Rogue is more affordable than the Nissan Murano, it comes with a bit less passenger volume, though the cargo space is practically the same. The first generation Rogue stayed in production until 2015, and was primarily assembled at the Nissan plant in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Common Nissan Rogue A/C Problems

One driver stated that the transmission failed while traveling on a freeway. As a consequence, they couldn’t go faster than forty miles per hour and was forced to pull over. Simultaneously, the A/C also malfunctioned, and the Rogue only had 54K miles. The SUV was taken to a mechanic, who replaced the front strut, but the owner also noticed a clicking sound, and after driving for a few hours the A/C would suddenly freeze up and shut down. The fan could be heard but no actual air was emitted. Other owners have encountered similar issues, stating that the A/C would shut off after traveling for a half hour on the freeway, which prompted them to replace the compressor.

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