Nissan Frontier

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About Nissan

Aside from its engineering prowess, Nissan’s success is partly a result of its ability to rapidly adapt to sudden geopolitical changes. For instance, during the oil crisis of 1973, customers worldwide expressed a demand for premium quality compact cars, particularly in the United States. Nissan responded by releasing the Sunny compact car, as well as building factories in Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan. To avoid a 25 percent tax which was imposed in 1964 on commercial vehicles which were imported into the U.S., Nissan begin building factories there, the first of which was the Smyrna assembly plant.

About Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier, which is also known as Nissan Navara in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, is a pickup truck which has proved quite popular with consumers. It has been released in four generations so far, which are the D22, D40, D23, and D21. The D21 was offered for about a decade, and its success led to the introduction of the D22. The D40 was the successor of the D22, and is a moderately sized truck that is taller, bigger and more powerful. The name “Navara,” which is used in the trucks sold outside the USA, is actually taken from the name Navarre, which is a geographical area in Northern Spain. In fact, the European models are actually assembled at a factory in Barcelona, which is a major Spanish city.

Common Nissan Frontier A/C Problems

One owner reported that sometimes their air conditioning works, and other times it won’t. After taking it to a nearby repair shop, the issue was investigated and it was found that the compressor had become faulty and needed replacement. After the replacement compressor was installed, the issue reoccurred about 8 months later. Another driver complained about constantly having to refill their Frontier A/C, and after consulting with multiple mechanics it was discovered that other Nissan trucks have the same issue, which is the result of a defective hose assembly, that causes leakage of Freon. Another technician has discovered a problem with the compressor, where when engaging it the engine will go from 1100 RPM to over 1700 RPM, making the truck lurch forward when slowing down to stop.

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