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About Nissan

Nissan is a major Japanese automobile manufacturer that is based near Nishi-ku, Yokohama. They are best known for the Datsun, Infiniti and Nismo brands, and the company’s origin can be traced back to the Nissan Group, which was a zaibatsu. Nissan has become one of the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers and has created strategic partnerships with the likes of Renault and Mitsubishi. It has been heavily involved in the creation of electric vehicles and ultimately plans for all their vehicles to become 100 percent electric.

About Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier, which is also known as the Nissan Navara, is a brand of pickup trucks which are sold by Nissan in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Americas. The first generation, which was designated D22, was introduced in 1997 and was the successor of the Nissan model D21. These trucks are best known for their four cylinder engines, which were later expanded to the V6. By 2003 all the 4x4 variants were given a larger 3.3 liter engine which at the time was restricted to a five speed manual transmission, but in 2005 the V6 was phased out in favor of a turbo diesel engine that was 2.5 liter.

Common Nissan Frontier A/C Problems

Some owners have noticed that the temperature gauge will increase when the truck is moving at greater speed, which coincides with the A/C air suddenly becoming warmer. However, when the Frontier’s speed drops to between fifty or fifty five miles per hour, the gauge would return to its regular position. The truck has also had issues with shifting, and when taken to a mechanic it was discovered that a design defect was present within the fluid cooler of the transmission. The transmission ultimately had to be replaced.

Other drivers have complained that their A/C stopped working completely. When the problem was investigated it was found to have been the result of an air conditioning clutch which had become faulty, and within the Nissan Frontier both the compressor and clutch function as a single unit.

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