Mitsubishi Lancer

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About Mitsubishi

Like other Japanese automakers, Mitsubishi has played a key role in the development of motor sports. Its vehicles started performing in urban races during the 1960s, but would eventually find their niche in off-road competitions. In fact, Mitsubishi was so successful in this regard that it dominated many of the 1970s endurance rallies and by the 1980s and 90s it captured victories at the Dakar Rally and World Rally Championship. Ralliart (which later became Mitsubishi Motors Motor Sports) acted as the company’s official racing subsidiary, and Mitsubishi cars have also performed well in circuit races, entering the Mitsubishi 500 Super Deluxe to promote its passenger car.

About Mitsubishi Lancer

The Lancer is a compact car which was first introduced by Mitsubishi in 1973. It has been marketed under various names, including Dodge Colt, Chrysler Lancer, Cold Lancer and Mitsubishi Mirage, and in Japan is sold under the name Mitsubishi Galant Fortis. It is one of the company’s most successful models, selling more than six million vehicles from 1973 to 2008. Mitsubishi decided to discontinue production in 2017, except for China and Taiwan. The car has remained popular among buyers and is one of the company’s most recognized models.

Common Mitsubishi Lancer A/C Problems

One driver stated that when activating their A/C the Lancer suddenly experienced an RPM drop which made the controls feel tight. When mechanics investigated the issue they concluded that the IAC was the culprit, since the computer wasn’t transmitting the signal. During operation the driver was forced to increase the revolutions slightly to prevent the engine from stalling or trembling, unfortunately this causes it to use extra fuel. Mechanics concluded that the problem could be solved by reviewing the valve of the IAC and computer, then assessing the wiring connection between to look for signs of damage.

Another owner reported that when turning off the Lancer’s A/C, the vehicle would actually accelerate, and when turning it on the A/C would behave normally, which means they have to keep the A/C on at all times so the car operates normally. They attempted to fix the problem by switching the valve for idle speed, but it didn’t work.

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