Mini Cooper

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About Mini

Mini is an English vehicle marque that was established in 1969, which has been owned by BMW since the year 2000. It is used for a line of small automobiles which have become famous for their delightful design. Originally, the brand was part of BMC (British Motor Corporation) which formed a merger with the Leyland Motors Corp to create British Leyland in 1968. By 1988 a firm called British Aerospace acquired both Mini and British Leyland. Some of their most popular models include the Clubman, Countryman, Moke and Cooper, which is the performance variant.

About Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is a compact sized performance car that is designed by the British Motor Corporation. It was manufactured from 1969 to 2000 and is considered a UK icon and key part of British culture. It incorporated a number of space saving innovations, such as its front wheel drive and transverse engine, which allowed eighty percent of the floor pan to be available to passengers and their luggage. This ingenious use of space within such a small car influenced engineers around the world, so much so that by 1999 the Cooper Mini had been voted the 2nd most influential automobile of the twentieth century, a feat that even exotic sports cars like Ferrari didn’t achieve.

The Mini Cooper is distinctive for its two door design which Sir Alec Issigonis envisioned. It was assembled primarily in the plant at Longbridge, England which was near BMC headquarters, but would eventually be manufactured in plants as far away as Australia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and even Chile.

Common Mini Cooper A/C Problems

Over the years, some owners have reported various A/C problems. One of the most common is a blown compressor fuse. The good news is that this problem is simple and inexpensive to fix. The Mini fuses are actually engineered to break whenever there is electrical overheat, as this prevents hazards such as fires. The fuse box can be found within the driver side cabin, and once the plastic cover is removed, it can be turned and inside the diagram of the fuse box is visible, which will tell you precisely which fuse is needed. The broken fuse can then be removed and replaced.

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