Mercedes S Class

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About Mercedes

The success of Mercedes Benz has led to numerous subsidiaries and alliances since its formation in 1926. By 1999 the brand had been fully integrated with DaimlerChrysler, and it also had a relationship with Maybach, the ultra-luxurious Daimler brand which had remained within the Mercedes division until 2012. The influence of Mercedes Benz also extends to East Asia, where Daimler works closely with the BYD Auto Company of China to build and distribute electric battery cars named Denza. By 2016 Daimler revealed that it intended to begin selling fully electric Mercedes Benz cars in China.

About Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S Class, which is also called Sonderklasse (special class) in German, is a line of full sized limousines and sedans which are designed for luxury. Since 1972 this line has been considered Mercedes most elite class, and has been responsible for numerous innovations, such as enhanced drivetrains, safety features like seatbelt pretensioners, and interior enhancements. It is one of the world’s top selling luxury cars and is offered in both long and standard wheelbase variants, as well as hybrid and diesel powertrains. Six generations have been manufactured so far, including coupe variants with 2 doors, and by 2016 the S Class Cabriolet was introduced, code named A217, which comes in three variants, which are the S550, AMG S 63 and the AMG S 65.

Common Mercedes S Class A/C Problems

One owner of the S430 reported that one day their dashboard heated up to the point that it was too hot to touch. Shortly after, its blower motor malfunctioned when the driver tried to turn on the A/C. Other drivers have reported hearing a clicking sound after which the air conditioning suddenly stopped working. Investigations concluded that the issue was caused by the blower regulator which had become faulty and many believe this is a common problem in some of the S Class models.

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