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About Mercedes

Mercedes Benz is one of Germany’s most important automobile houses, and is considered the gold standard of car design and engineering. The company’s origins date back to the 1880s, when Karl Benz developed his Benz Patent Motorwagen, which was the very first combustion engine. Unlike modern cars, it didn’t use gasoline as fuel, but a more volatile spirit incorporating petroleum as a key ingredient. Mercedes slogan has become “the best or nothing” and its cars live up to this through their fabulous design, state of the art engineering and host of safety features, which are usually accompanied by a high price tag.

About Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes E Class is a line of executive automobiles which are produced in multiple body and engine configurations. It was first released in 1953 and as such is considered to be one of the oldest continuous lines in the world, occurring through five generations. While every E Class has been equipped with either four wheel or rear wheel drive, it wouldn’t be until 1993 that each E Class came with fuel injection as a standard feature.

The E Class is considered Mercedes best-selling model, with over 13 million being sold as of 2015. The very first model was sold in the form of a sedan with four doors, or a station wagon with five, and buyers also had the option of a 2 door convertible or coupe. Starting in 1997, the equivalent convertible and coupe were offered under the CLK Class nameplate, due to the mechanical structure of the C Class which was smaller.

Common Mercedes E Class A/C Problems

Due to the Mercedes E Class long production history, A/C problems have been reported from time to time. One of the most common is the system failing to blow out cold air. When this happens, owners or mechanics should check the compressor to see if it engages. If not, this doesn’t automatically mean that the compressor is the problem, since the A/C clutch is managed through the air conditioning control unit. In scenarios where a unit detection error occurs, the A/C compressor will not be engaged to prevent damage.

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