Mercedes C Class

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About Mercedes

Mercedes Benz is one of Germany’s most famous automobile marques. A subsidiary of Daimler AG, the brand is known for its high end commercial and luxury vehicles. It is headquartered in Stuttgart and as of 2018 has the record for selling the most premium automobiles worldwide at over 2 million. Mercedes played a key role in the development of cars due to the invention of the Benz Patent Motorwagen, which was developed by Karl Benz and is considered by historians to be the world’s very first internal combustion engine.

About Mercedes C Class

The Mercedes C Class is a collection of executive compact cars which were manufactured through Daimler AG. They were first introduced in 1993 as the successor to the 190 (W201), with the Mercedes C Class being the smallest car offered until the release of the A Class W168 in 1997. Unlike many carmakers, who primarily build their cars offshore, the C Class was actually assembled in Germany itself, at factories in Bremen and Sindelfingen.  The second generation was introduced in the year 2000 and since 2002 drivers have had the option of four wheel drive.

The third generation was released in 2007, while the fourth generation arrived in 2014. Although the earliest models were initially sold in the form of a station wagon and sedan, by the year 2000 Mercedes introduced a coupe called Sport Coupé which when given a facelift would become the Mercedes CLC Class. This particular variant stayed in production up to 2011 when it was replaced by the C Class W204 coupe.

Common Mercedes C Class A/C Problems

One owner reported that three months after purchasing his Mercedes the A/C malfunctioned. Additionally, the headlight washer stopped working, the fuel gauge failed and one of the dashboard vents fell off. The vehicle was taken to a mechanic and repaired but subsequently while driving in the mountains the car started to down shift due to a loss of power. Although Mercedes engineers believe that it is an isolated incident, its seriousness warrants an official investigation.

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