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About Mazda

Mazda is a multinational corporation based in Japan that specializes in automobile manufacture, including cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. It was founded in 1920, making it one of the world’s oldest carmakers. Its success and production facilities have enabled it to assemble over 1 million vehicles within a single year, and the company employs over 45,000 people worldwide. Mazda is highly respected on the racing circuit, as it was the very first Japanese carmaker to capture a 24 Hours of Le Mans victory. Like other prominent car firms it has invested substantial funds in research and development, and is incorporating environmentally friendly materials in its vehicles such as bio fabrics and plastics.

About Mazda CX 7

The CX7 is a moderately sized SUV, which is a production variant for the MX Crossport Concept. It was first showcased in 2006 at the Auto Show in LA, and production started later that year. It is considered the successor of the Mazda Navajo, which had been discontinued during the 1990s. The CX7 uses an inline 4, 2.3 liter engine that works in conjunction with an automatic transmission that is six speed. It is able to produce up to 244 horsepower, and the turbo engine was ultimately retuned to provide torque at reduced RPM. The CX7 uses the same suspension as the MPV minivan, another vehicle made by Mazda, and the fascias in the rear and front were eventually revised so that the front has a larger grille with five points that is akin to the RX8.

Common Mazda CX 7 A/C Problems

Although many regard the CX7 as being an outstanding SUV, it hasn’t been without its problems. For example, customers have complained of system leaks involving the evaporator, a loss of power and smoke coming from the A/C compressor, and instances where the compressor has frozen completely. Many of these problems occurred in vehicles that had around 60,000 miles which is an indication that these issues are most likely the result of a manufacturing defect. In some cases the problem was resolved by installing a new outer tie rod end.

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