Infiniti G37

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About Infiniti

Infiniti is a Nissan division which specializes in luxury vehicles. Founded in 1989, it has built marketing networks in more than fifty countries. Although the brand was created by a Japanese company, the marque cannot be found in Japan itself, since it is reserved for foreign markets. Infiniti is designed to compete with Acura and Lexus and its first two vehicles, the M30 and Q45, were highly successful. The release of the QX60 crossover (which is also called the JX35) marked the first time Nissan begin manufacturing automobiles outside Japan, and by 2014 it had constructed plants in China through a Dongfeng Motor join venture.

About Infiniti G37

The G37 sedan is the successor to the G35. It was first showcased during a Motor Show in Geneva and its interior and exterior share many similarities with it. It has a 3.7 liter V6 engine that can produce 328 horsepower with 269 pounds of torque. The torque was improved and valve variable timing allowed for superior throttle response with a reduced rpm torque. The G37 had a number of improvements over the G35, which received complaints for its clutch engagement, which was considered overly aggressive, as well as issues with the six speed manual transmission. The G37 features automatic seven speed transmission and comes with multiple trim options, such as Sport, Journey and Base.

Common Infiniti G37 A/C Problems

Some owners have reported that when trying to start up their vehicle both the radio and air conditioning failed. Although the vehicle was taken to a licensed mechanic, he was unable to determine the root cause of the problem. The car’s mileage at the time of failure was approximately 80,000.

Others have reported that the radio in the G37 will stop working, but the air conditioning would continue blowing air at maximum settings. Unfortunately, there is no way to control the air flow or temperature settings. Others have stated that certain lights, the audio controls and centralized console will suddenly stop working, making it impossible to control the frost, A/C or heat. The windows also fogged up rapidly which obstructed vision and made driving conditions especially dangerous.

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