Hyundai Grand Starex

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About Hyundai

Hyundai, or Hyundai Motor Company, was founded in 1967 by Chung Ju-Yung. The brand has sponsored numerous famous sports events and organizations such as the Olympique Lyonnais, FIFA World Cup, the NFL draft, Korea Football Association, UEFA, and more! Other than having the world’ largest vehicle production plant, Hyundai Motor Company has also achieved success in terms of motorsports. Their logo was designed to symbolize a handshake between a satisfied customer and a company representative, showing just how much they value providing quality vehicles that will satisfy their clients.

About Hyundai Grand Starex

Hyundai Grand Starex was launched by Hyundai in 2007. This minivan series is equipped with a 2.5L VGT CRDi diesel engine. There are multiple safety features provided to ensure a safe ride. This van has a lot of interior space and is capable of seating up to 12 people. Its user-friendliness and comfortable cabin make it perfect for long drives.

Common Hyundai Grand Starex A/C Problems

Frequent A/C problems reported in the Hyundai Grand Starex include a failing AC condenser fan and evaporator leaks. A faulty fan will cause the condenser to overheat and not work as intended, causing drivers and passengers to suffer from lukewarm air and a burning smell. To solve this, general aircon cleaning can be done, alongside replacing the drier, expansion valve, and evaporator as well as the A/C Fan Motor Assembly.

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