Hyundai Elantra

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About Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company is a multinational automaker based in South Korea with headquarters in Seoul. The firm was established in 1967 along with Kia Motors which it owns partially and fully-owned Genesis motors for its luxury series. Hyundai owns the largest automotive manufacturing facility in the world which is located in Ulsan of South Korea. This facility produces 1.6 million units per annum to be sold to 193 countries worldwide through more than 5,000 car dealers and showrooms. The first car released by this automobile manufacturing giant is the Cortina in a cooperation with Ford back in 1968.

About Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is classified as a compact car that was produced back in 1990. Initially, it was marketed just as Lantra in both Australian and several European markets. This is because the name was rather similar to Mitsubishi’s Magna Elante. Disagreements arose in a number of automakers and the final decision was set with the name “Elantra” that was then known worldwide in the year 2001 except South Korea. The first generation of the Elantra was launched back in 1990 in the month of October. It was then sold across Europe since the beginning of Spring of 1991 with the intention to replace Stellar but not many markets were selling it. The Elantra was a tough yet cheaper competition against several models of other makes including the Sierra by Ford and the Vectra by Opel.

Common Hyundai Elantra A/C Problems

Car owners have reported smelling a moldy or musky odor from their car’s air-conditioning vent. Mechanics have advised to flush out the blower to clear the air passageway. For critical cases, a full replacement may be necessary. Another complaint that has been raised by drivers is concerning water leakages from their car’s air-conditioning unit. Mechanics have advised to replace the unit’s assembly hose to enable the water to be drained out externally instead as there could be a clog somewhere along the passageway. Another issue shared by drivers revolves around the Elantra’s temperature control. Initially the A/C unit is blowing cold air but just a single degree up could mean blowing hot air instead of just getting slightly warmer. Mechanics have advised to check on the car’s compressor for this issue.

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