Hummer H2

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About Hummer

Hummer was first marketed in the year 1992 as a brand of mainly trucks and SUVs. AM General began by first selling civilian versions of the Humvee before General Motors (GM) bought over the brand from auto company AM General to market a total of 3 vehicles, namely the Hummer H1, H2, and H3. By the year 2008, Hummer’s capability during the economic recession was made an issue of a probe. The firm was then reviewed by the management of GM which then retained the brand name to further investigate the sales of its range. Following that, the Hummer brand went through several chaotic circumstances with fail biddings by a number of automakers. Eventually in early 2020, GM released several short teasers showcasing the re-launch of the Hummer.

About Hummer H2

The Hummer H2 is categorized as a large sports utility vehicle which was produced by AM General and distributed by Hummer from the year 2002 to the year 2009. Its design takes after a modified version of GMT820 Chevrolet 2500 HD in the front whereas at the back is its 1500 frame. In the year 2005, the brand introduced a pickup truck with four doors and a midgate that can open up to reveal the vehicle’s inside and stretches until its external cargo floor. This was known as the H2 sport utility truck.

Common Hummer H2 A/C Problems

Drivers of the Hummer H2 have raised several complaints around the vehicle’s air-conditioning unit. Some of them experience hot air even with the presence of freon, some feel cold air but only at the driver’s side, and others encounter their A/C unit blowing cold air only during start-up but the air gets warmer as they drive. Mechanics have advised to check on the A/C fan unit to see if it is indeed working or stuck due to debris or residue. Secondly, the air-conditioning belt needs to be looked at too before finally servicing the compressor unit which basically needs replacement if no cold air is being blown out at all.

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