Honda Odyssey

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About Honda

In the year 1986, Honda was the first automaker from Japan to launch a specialized luxury brand known as Acura. Apart from their main business manufacturing automobiles and motorcycles, Honda also produces marine engines, garden equipment, power generators, personal watercraft generators, and more. It has also gotten its firm involved with artificial intelligence research since the year 1986 and launched its own robot, ASIMO, in the year 2000. Aerospace is another industry that Honda has pursued in by establishing GE Honda Aero Engines in the year 2004 as well as the Honda HA-420 HondaJet that was produced starting from the year 2012.

About Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is manufactured as a minivan and distributed by Honda since the year 1994. It is now in its fifth generation ever since it was first launched in Japan amidst the economic downturn occurring in the country in the 1990s. The project eventually caused critical constraints on the minivan’s size and its overall design as a result of low resources provided by its existing manufacturing facility. The outcome was a minivan that was smaller in size which was then classified as a compact multi-purpose vehicle. This new category was welcomed in the Japanese local market but did not receive as much response within the North American market. Its first generation was distributed as Honda Shuttle in the European market.

Common Honda Odyssey A/C Problems

Several complaints have been raised by Odyssey owners regarding their car’s A/C units. Some have encountered their air-con blowing cold air only when they are travelling at high speeds. Mechanics have advised to have the radiator and cooling fan checked for this issue. Others have raised concerns on how their A/C unit is blowing cold air and hot air intermittently every few minutes. Mechanics have advised to check on the compressor clutch as well as the unit’s fans to ensure no intermittent flow of power is present. Another issue was about the car’s A/C unit blowing cold air only at one side (either the driver or passenger’s). This problem has been advised by mechanics to service the unit’s air mix motor to ensure no blockage can be found so air can flow at both sides.

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