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About Honda

Honda used to be the first Japanese automaker to release Acura, a dedicated luxury brand in 1986. The multinational conglomerate is also known as the world’s largest motorcycle producer since 1959 having manufactured more than 400 million units by the end of 2019. Today, Honda is still in the running as the world’s second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer.

About Honda Fit

Honda Fit is also sold as Honda Jazz. The vehicle is a five-door subcompact or B-segment supermini car that is produced and distributed by Honda from the year 2001. It is manufactured in 10 plants across 8 countries and the car is marketed worldwide. Sales of the Honda Fit have since reached almost 5 million units as of mid-2013.

Common Honda Fit A/C Problems

  • Bad Condenser – If your condenser is clogged or has been damaged, the coolant will not be able to transform the hot air to cool air that is blown into your car cabin. You may feel warm air blowing into the cabin or a low pressure of cool air.
  • Lack of Refrigerant – If there is a refrigerant leak, most A/C systems will not even cycle as there is a lack of pressure. Always recharge the A/C system prior to adding more refrigerant so as to prevent an excessive amount from being added.
  • Blower Motor – If your car A/C system is not blowing any air, the blower motor may have malfunctioned. This unit is easy and inexpensive to replace. At times, the blower motor may be clogged by debris buildup which can be flushed to allow more air to flow through.
  • Clutch Cycling Switch – Car A/C systems make use of an electromagnetic clutch that activates the compressor. The system will not be able to function without this switch.
  • Blend Door – This unit controls the amount of air gets blown into your cabin. If it is jammed or locks up, the car A/C system cannot respond to the A/C system’s controls.

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