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About Honda

Honda has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since the year 1959. It has also built a reputation of being the eighth-largest automaker in the entire world in the year 2015. Apart from their core motorcycle and automobile businesses, Honda also produces marine engines, garden equipment, power generators, and more.

About Honda Element

The Honda Element is a compact crossover SUV that is produced and marketed by Honda within the northern American auto market for its 2003 to 2011 models. The vehicle is known for its boxy exterior and bi-parting car doors along with its flexy interior layout. Honda Element is manufactured in East Liberty, Ohio using a modified second-generation CR-V platform with an all-wheel or front-wheel drive.

Common Honda Element A/C Problems

Many owners of Honda Element have shared how they oftentimes feel hot air being blown out of their car A/C system. This may be caused by a variety of reasons such as leaking refrigerant or cracked condenser. These issues prevent cold air from being emitted from the car A/C system and there is also a chance of the car A/C system being fully damaged which includes expensive components.

A dirty or blocked condenser may also cause the car A/C system to release heat from the refrigerant into your cabin. Blockage is often caused by dirt buildup from debris from the road and other particles like grime or even bugs. The clogged condenser will experience difficulty in releasing sufficient air through the system’s mesh which is not enough to cool the whole cabin.

Another common A/C problem is experiencing a poor flow of air. This may also be caused by a dirty evaporator that has dust particles and debris buildup on its fins. You may start to notice the poor air flow along with a foul, moldy odor emitting from the car A/C system.

Lastly is a complete compressor failure. Without this component, the whole A/C system will not function. A failed compressor needs a full replacement before the system can get up and running again.

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