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About Honda

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a multinational auto manufacturing company that is based in Japan that became the second-largest Japanese automaker in 2001. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines per volume, manufacturing over 14 million units each year. Honda is also well-known for its wide selection of automobile through its extensive portfolio of vehicles, making it the eighth-largest auto producer in the world in 2015.

About Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z is a sport compact hybrid electric vehicle that is produced by Honda. The automobile is distributed as a sport hybrid coupe and it combines the elements of a traditional sports car with a hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain. The Honda CR-Z is regarded as the successor of Honda CR-X which is the second-generation series. It takes on Honda CR-X’s exterior design and name.

Common Honda CR-Z A/C Problems

For a vehicle A/C system that is blowing hot air, trying looking at its electrical connections. Faulty connections may cause the A/C system to fail and a visual inspection can help you to determine this problem. If there are any damaged wires, they may be mended using tape but a replacement is necessary for a long-term solution.

A failed compressor may be another reason that is causing the A/C system to blow hot air. Without a working compressor, the A/C refrigerant will not be able to circulate through the system so there will not be any cold air blown out from the system. What causes the compressor to malfunction is often a result of the unit being left unused over an extended period of time. You can try blasting your A/C system for at least 15 minutes at least once every couple of weeks or so regardless of whether you are driving the car or not.

Another common reason is a blocked or broken condenser. Since the condenser is mostly positioned at the front of the car, it is easy to visually check any blockage. If there is no debris build-up, try looking out for puncture marks. Debris from the road may damage the condenser and damage it.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Honda CR-Z A/C Problems Now!

Continuing driving with hot air blowing from your vehicle A/C system can be especially uncomfortable in the summer. Furthermore, the problem will only deteriorate even further and cause damage to other parts of the system. Send your vehicle for an A/C inspection today and order mobile climate control products for Honda CR-Z  from R & Y A/C Compressors®. We provide our customers with fast shipping so you can resolve your A/C problems as soon as possible to enjoy breezy rides throughout each journey.