Honda CR-V

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About Honda

Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda who had extreme passion in automobiles. He first started as a mechanic at a garage called the Art Shokai where he fine-tuned cars to prepare them for races. Honda has invested approximately 5.7% of its entire revenue pool into research and development activities by the year 2013. In the same year, it also became the first ever automaker from Japan to be a net exporter of automobiles and equipment from the United States. It exported 108,705 units comprising of models from both Acura and Honda whereas it imported only 88,357.

About Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is categorized as a compact crossover sports utility vehicle. It is manufactured by Honda since the year 1995 and released into the markets of North America within the year 1997. The platform for Honda Civic is used with the design of a sports utility vehicle’s body making the CR-V a mid-range SUV. The smaller version is the HR-V and the slightly larger version is the Honda Passport. The acronym CR-V is deemed to represent the meaning “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle” while a British review article used the term “Compact Recreational Vehicle”. The CR-V was first manufactured in Sayama of Japan and Swindon of the United Kingdom for global markets.

Common Honda CR-V A/C Problems

Owners of the Honda CR-V have complained regarding various issues revolving around their car’s A/C units. Some encountered warm air being blown out of the vent, whereas some experienced low air pressure and air blown from only one side. Mechanics have listed out several areas that need to be inspected or even replaced to ensure adequate cold air gets blown out of both vents accordingly. Owners can first check the refrigerant of the A/C system to inspect for any leaks, then proceed to check the system’s condenser to see any debris buildup which needs flushing. Lastly, the compressor may need replacement if there are any signs of extreme wear and tear. Owners can first inspect for the abovementioned signs before ordering the specific component needed to fix their air-conditioning issues. For servicing, it is best to seek the assistance of A/C specialists to prevent further problems.

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