Honda Civic

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About Honda

Honda produced its first motorcycle, D-Type, in the year 1949 along with its complete set comprising of both body and engine. It was named Dream which initiated Honda’s start to becoming the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world by the year 1964. For automobile, Honda produced its first model, the T360, in the year 1963 for a mini pick-up. It was run by a 356-cc 4-gasoline engine and categorized under the cheaper range of tax bracket for Kei cars. Honda produced its first car in the month of October of 1963 under the model S500 for a sports car and subsequently the T360.

About Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is part up of an entire range of cars that is produced by Honda. It was initially categorized as a subcompact but throughout the years it has gone through various phases of changes. The Civic then transformed into a bigger and more luxurious car which is now being classified as a compact car. Its tenth generation nonetheless is regarded as a smaller mid-sized car with a combined cargo and passenger capacity reaching 119.9 cubic feet. The Civic’s first generation was launched back in the month of July of 1972 with two doors and subsequently its hatchback with three doors was launched in the month of September.

Common Honda Civic A/C Problems

Drivers of the Honda Civic have shared several woes concerning their car’s air-conditioning units. Some experienced warm air being blown from their vents whereas some experiencing low air pressure. Mechanics have advised that these problems can be tackled by checking the condenser unit of the car’s air-conditioning. There must be zero cracks which may cause refrigerant to leak and thus cause the air being blown to become warm. This solution can also resolve problems like intermittent air flow or sudden shutdown of the air-conditioning system. Depending on the degree of A/C problems, owners may need to either service their A/C parts or have them fully replaced.

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