Honda Accord

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About Honda

Honda is a multinational corporation based in Japan that has become famous for its cars, SUVs, and trucks. It is perhaps best known for its motorcycles, and since 1959 has manufactured more of them than any other company. Sales figures from 2019 indicate that it had sold an incredible 400 million motor bikes worldwide since its founding. The company is also highly respected when it comes to the construction of internal combustion engines, and by 2001 the company had emerged as Japan’s second biggest automaker overall.

About Honda Accord

The Accord was first introduced in 1976, and took the automobile industry by storm. Nothing like it had been seen previously, and its design, seating capacity and performance quickly made it a best seller. Throughout its history, it has been sold in multiple variants, including a coupe, sedan, station wagon and hatchback.

By its 6th generation, the Accord was considered Honda’s intermediate vehicle, with a single platform and the option of distinct proportions and bodies. This was designed to enhance its competitiveness in relation to its rivals. The 8th generation marked an increase in both luxury and size, and during the 1980s, it became the very first Japanese car to be manufactured within the USA at the Marysville Plant in Ohio. Since its inception, the Accord has remained one of Honda’s top selling vehicles, reaching ten million units, and it has appeared on the Ten Best list in the Car and Driver magazine at least thirty times.

Common Honda Accord A/C Problems

Some owners have discovered that a portion of the frontal sub frame was rusted; the result of the condenser and A/C emptying above it. A lot of the damage is hidden, and Honda calls this part a rear beam, which connects to the front suspension and steering rack. Drivers fear that this damage overtime can result in the loss of control of the vehicle.

Others have stated that the air conditioning in their Honda Accord malfunctioned completely. They took the vehicle to a technician who attempted to recharge the system before realizing a puncture was present in the condenser. It turns out that the Accord’s condenser is totally exposed and as such can be damaged easily.

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