Holden Barina

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About Holden

Holden is an Australian vehicular marquee that is under the ownership of General Motors. Originally established in 1856 in the form of a saddlery producer, by 1908 company founder James Alexander Holden transitioned into automobile manufacture. In 1931 it became a subsidiary of General Motors and for much of its history provided badge engineered vehicles which were the result of sharing arrangements that it maintained with other major automakers such as Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki and Chevrolet. For a brief time it owned assembly plants throughout New Zealand during the 1990s.

About Holden Barina

The Barina was first introduced by Holden in 1985 and is a vehicle which features a subcompact design. It has appeared in 6 generations so far but was discontinued in 2018. The word “Barina” is an Australasian aboriginal term that translates into summit. The final generation was showcased during the 2011 International Motor Show at Melbourne and appeared in the form of a hatchback with five doors. A sedan variant followed in 2012. The Barina uses an overall designed which is akin to its smaller sibling the Barina Spark as both display an identical bluish LCD based gauge cluster and central stack.

The vehicle is powered by a petrol engine which is 1.6 liter that is wedded to an automatic six or five speed transmission. A limited edition model designated Barina X became available in 2015 but only seven hundred units were produced, primarily for Australian consumers. Starting in 2016 the Barina was provided with a facelift to further enhance its appearance.

Common Holden Barina A/C Problems

Refrigerant leakage is the most common A/C problem that Holden Barina owners will encounter. It usually results in the A/C system blowing out warm air and the culprit is often the A/C hose that leaks near its ferrule crimp. The hose may be repaired through slicing off the older ferrules and then welding on new ones as well as replacing the unit’s rubber hose. Some drivers have also reported that the compressor based clutch coil will sometimes short out. This creates a situation where power gets to your compressor but cannot engage the A/C clutch. Once this happens no refrigerant can enter the evaporator which means no cooling.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Holden Barina Now!

In the event that a mechanic discovers that your car’s air conditioning compressor has malfunctioned, there is a good chance that the entire A/C unit has become contaminated by metal or rust particles. To resolve this problem, the mechanic will have to perform system flushing, which may be costly. This is why you should get your car’s A/C inspected at the first sign of a problem, so you can lower the risk of damage spreading and browse for Holden Barina A/C parts now to enjoy the best prices online!