Hino 358

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About Hino

During Japan’s postwar boom Hino needed financing so they could begin their production projects, and because of the firm’s stellar reputation and track record company accountant Ryoichi Takeda was able to speak with bank officers to secure massive corporate loans. Hino then used this financing to create a nationwide sales network which included subcontractors.

In less than a year after WW2 ended Hino was able to issue their first prototype which was outfitted with a diesel engine that was extremely efficient to compensate for the fuel rationing which was still in effect. Although the company was only capable of producing 20 trucks per month at the time, the models they produced, namely the T10-20, were very popular.

About Hino 358

The 358 is one of Hino’s largest trucks, and is designed for heavy duty work and the hauling of substantial loads. Despite being designed for crucial operations, it offers a number of features that drivers love, including telescopic and tilt steering, power windows and doors, keyless entry, dual convex mirrors and external rearview mirrors which are heated and powered.

The seats are designed to provide unmatched comfort and include an arm rest with air suspension. A two person high rear seat can be seen in back and the truck utilizes an exhaust brake with cruise control and an engine based block heater which means its performance won’t be compromised by frigid weather conditions. The Hino 358 also features a differential lock which is driver controlled.

Common Hino 358 A/C Problems

One driver stated that he was unsatisfied with the default Hino 358 blower motor and wanted to know if he could replace it with a new one that would provide a greater flow of air. At first he tried cleaning out the vents along with the internal and external filters but the air flow remained poor, and they theorized that either the fan or motor itself was too small. One technician explained that the motor might be worn out and replacing it could be the solution, while others believe it might be caused by a problem with the blend door.

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