Hino 338

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About Hino

During Japan’s initial postwar reconstruction, Hino was short staffed and limited in its manufacturing capability, yet nevertheless managed to put together a team of 300 workers that included sixteen designers who were able to build the concept truck that Shoji Okubo envisioned. The truck was named Hino T10-20 and it was one of the largest ever designed up till that point, with a weight of 6.5 tons and length of seven meters. In fact, the Hino T10-20 was so big that is exceeded most Japanese size mandates but the company pointed out that occupation trucks twice its size were operating all over the country and this eventually led to a legal change.

About Hino 338

The Hino 338 is a moderately sized truck which established a number of industry benchmarks, and received praise for its build quality and resale value. It captured the prestigious ATD Truck of the Year and can be used for many applications such as gas/petroleum delivery, construction and utilities work, food and beverage delivery and waste transport or recycling.

It is powered by an Allison transmission, which have become standardized on most Hino trucks with a six speed automatic that delivers smooth power for the engine. Allison products are prized for their rapid acceleration and superior road speed, which result in faster route times during the day. The majority of these transmissions come with a warranty that can last as long as five years.

Common Hino 338 A/C Problems

One driver reported that everything was working fine in their Hino 338 until one day they attempted to activate the defrost to remove condensation from the windshield only to find that the defrost did not work properly. Mechanics who’ve investigated the issue have not yet been able to identify a cause, though these trucks have been known to have problems with refrigerant leaks, blower motors and fans.

Additionally, older Hino trucks sometimes have problems with their compressor, which is a type of pump which pressurizes refrigerant before forcing it to transform from gas to liquid state. Trucks which have greater mileage on them will often have compressor components which are worn, eventually leading to A/C problems.

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