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About Hino

In the aftermath of World War 2, Hino had converted some of its plants into barracks which could house the military occupational forces. Because railroad tracks all over Japan had been severely damaged by the war, the occupation forces wanted more trucks constructed and assigned Hino to manufacture 1500 units per month. The company gathered its employees and begin establishing plans for this as well as the development of a state of the art heavy truck which Shoji Okubo, the plant director, believed would be needed during Japan’s postwar reconstruction.

About Hino 268

The Hino 268 provides a number of trucking advantages especially to those that own fleets. Its ownership costs are some of the lowest in the industry and it also provides excellent fuel economy with dependable operation and outstanding residual value. It is primarily used by companies that are involved in delivery and pickup, moving operations and rental or leasing work. Its driveline components are made in the United States and it features a thirty four inch frame which is powered by drivetrain components which have been extensively tested.

The Hino 268 weighs between 25,900 and 26,000 pounds and uses a six cylinder, 4 cycle diesel engine. Most models can generate up to 220 horsepower with 2500 RPM but drivers also have the option of upgrading to a 260 horsepower engine. Its transmission is the six speed automatic Allison which is the same used in other Hino models.

Common Hino 268 A/C Problems

A number of drivers have complained about the Hino’s air conditioning not working properly. One owner had to visit their mechanic four times and eventually discovered that the unit wasn’t draining correctly. They replaced the transmission sensor and that seemed to resolve the issue.

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The one thing that all automobile A/C units have in common is that they operate via the circulation of liquid refrigerant. While this works most of the time, it does make the system vulnerable to leakage. While leaks can be difficult to detect at first, signs that your A/C has a leakage issue include sudden windshield fogging and damp areas on floor mats. The liquid will eventually cause a buildup of mildew which can cause additional damage.

If you detect noise when turning the A/C off or on like squealing or clattering that means you might have a problem with the compressor. Most vehicle A/C systems are factory sealed with a specific level of refrigerant which is referred to as the charge. During a leak the refrigerant will escape, preventing the vehicle from cooling itself normally, so browse for Hino 268 A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!