Hino 258

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About Hino

By 1942 Japan had gone to war as part of the Axis Powers and made the decision to split Diesel Motor into 2 companies. The biggest between the two would retain their original corporate name (and would later become Isuzu) while the smallest would be reincorporated to become Hino Heavy Industry Company, Ltd.

Hino’s factories in suburban Tokyo were lucky and mostly spared the damage that other businesses and facilities suffered, although one incendiary bomb did manage to strike a Hino factory during one of the American bomb attacks, but the employees were able to protect both one another while using water to prevent the fire from spreading and damaging the primary production area.

About Hino 258

The Hino 258 was designed primarily for lower profile work such as towing. It is exceptionally maneuverable with excellent outward vision and fuel economy. Its warranty is one of the best in the trucking industry and many organizations use it for roadside assistance and recovery.

It is powered by a VNT style turbocharger that optimizes airflow through altering its output dependent on the control input via the truck’s electronic unit control within its engine. This allows cylinder pressure to be better controlled while providing a superior fuel/air ratio. Greater control results in more adequate burn which in turn provides superior fuel economy while remaining in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. The Hino 258 also uses SCR, which stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction and is a technology designed to boost fuel economy further.

Common Hino 258 A/C Problems

Some owners have encountered a problem with the truck’s cooling fan. The air conditioning was working fine until suddenly it stopped functioning, usually when the truck idles for an extended period of time. Overheating seems to occur and when the driver tries turning on the A/C the fan will spin four or five times before stopping.

A mechanic who investigated this issue concluded that the fan is the main problem while the blower motor might also be a culprit due to its switch that might have burnt up. Both the fan and blower should be replaced simultaneously with parts that can be ordered online.

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Sometimes the blower motor and fan will extract more current which will damage the switch. This is a known problem in aging A/C units, as are unpleasant smells which have been reported by some drivers. Over time, air conditioning units can become populated by bacteria or mold which will emit a bad odor, and interestingly enough, those who do not use their vehicle’s air conditioning systems regularly enough have a greater likelihood of encountering this problem, so browse for Hino 258 A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!