Hino 238

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About Hino

Japan occupied China in 1941, which opened up a huge market for Japanese industrial products. It also resulted in a trade embargo with the U.S., but rather than capitulating to American pressure, the government of Japan instead embarked on an extensive armament program which strengthened many local manufacturing firms, especially Tokyo Automobile. Around the same time a decision was made to change the name to Diesel Motor Industry Company, Ltd.

About Hino 238

The Hino 238 is a medium sized delivery vehicle that has a capacity of 23,000 GVW and is prized for its excellent fuel economy along with other advantages such as extensive warranty coverage. It has a turbo diesel J08E-WU 8L engine and is designated a Class Six Vehicle which has an affordable ownership cost. It can generate up to 230 horsepower with 520 pounds of torque with 1500 rpm, along with an automatic six speed Allison 2200 transmission. The frame is rated at 80,000 PSI with a width of thirty four inches.

Additionally, the majority of the Hino 238’s body is made from 100 percent steel with a cab that is 78.5 inches wide. It has features such as powered windows with keyless remote entry along with power locks for the doors, and drivers also have the option of programmable idle style shutdown. All these features make the truck perfect for hauling a variety of cargo from produce to electronics and other valuable merchandise.

Common Hino 238 A/C Problems

One driver who’s Hino 238 had around 282,000 miles on it stated that while cleaning it and performing maintenance they noticed that its blower motor was very low, and after tapping it several times it returned to normal. The truck was then taken to a mechanic where the technicians reviewed the blower motor and decided to replace it, and though the new model ran with the correct speed, no cold air was produced.

The switch was checked which still worked and the light button for the A/C display was on. The truck was again taken to a technician who revealed that A/C switches in some Hino’s have been known for burning out, damaging both the wires and connectors simultaneously. They checked the radio and light fuse along with the refrigerant level.

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