Hino 165

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About Hino

By the 1930s Japan had begun to industrialize at a rapid pace, and a number of Japanese automakers begin consolidating their local operations via complex acquisitions and mergers. The mergers resulted from a need to increase economies of scale via rationalized production, while also eliminating potential competitors. Tokyo Gas underwent such a consolidation in 1937 where its automotive division was combined with two companies, which were Kyodo Kokusan K.K. and Automobile Industry Company, Ltd. The combined group was referred to as Tokyo Automobile Industry Company.

About Hino 185

The Hino 185 is a Class 5 truck that weighs approximately 18,000 pounds and is prized for its great maneuverability, driver comfort and outward vision. It is powered by a four cylinder, 4.7 liter diesel engine that is turbocharged and capable of generating 175 horsepower with 376 pounds of torque. It is also outfitted with a standardized Eaton FS4205A five speed manual transmission with a wheelbase that is 201” and a four speed automatic 450-43LE Aisin automatic transmission.

Some models come with standardized alloy wheels and it uses sulfur based diesel fuel which is ultra-low, with a DPR (Diesel Particulate Reduction) unit that will collect and re-burn the soot which is derived from fuel diesel combustion. This technology is so efficient that is lowers soot exhaust by as much as ninety percent and has made Hino the trucking industry’s number one leader when it comes to diesel engines which are eco-friendly.

Common Hino 185 A/C Problems

One driver attempted to blow some dirt from the dash using their air hose, and afterwards the A/C compressor would not turn on. They inspected every fuse to see if any were blown (they weren’t) yet everything gets power with the exception of the truck’s compressor. Experts who investigated the issue recommended checking the truck’s pressure switches that are behind its engine housing air filter to ensure they are plugged in and don’t have any type of corrosion.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Hino 185 Now!

A number of truck drivers have reported hearing unusual noises which were made by their air conditioning system. This is a serious sign that the truck’s A/C needs to be inspected, because the driver (or their mechanic) might have added incorrect lubricant or a refrigerant that is cross contaminated which can cause such sounds. It might also be caused by broken components which if not removed can cause additional damage both to the A/C and other vehicle subsystems.  Once you’ve identified the culprit, and a replacement component is needed, there is no better place to get it than from R&Y Compressors. We carry hose assemblies, condensers, evaporators, compressors and more, all of which are remanufactured and affordable, so browse for Hino 185 A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!