GMC Yukon XL 1500

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About GMC

GMC has a close relationship with Chevrolet, one that goes back over 100 years. By 1920 their trucks had become similar since they were variants that utilized an identical platform as well as sheet work. However, they differed in terms of the grille, nameplates, engines and the markets they catered to. For instance, GMC started advertising its vehicles primarily to commercial buyers, especially in its early days, whereas Chevrolet focused its marketing on private parties. Today, GMC vehicles are mostly geared towards the luxury market whereas Chevrolet is more mainstream.

About GMC Yukon XL 1500

The GMC Yukon XL 1500 is a more advanced version of the standard Yukon. It can tow greater weight, with a maximum of 9500 pounds, and is designed for drivers that need to haul travel trailers, boats, cars or horses. It has an extended wheelbase with full sized construction and offers a stable towing platform with all the advantages of its smaller counterparts. In 2007 the Yukon line was totally redesigned but up to 2011 it remained largely the same with the exception of the OnStar version nine additions. It also seats one more passenger than the standard Yukon, for a maximum of 9 rather than 7 or 8.

Additionally, the Yukon XL 1500 is also longer than regular Yukons and can be configured in many ways. Buyers have the option of purchasing the Denali model which offers maximum luxury along with automated back load leveling. The cabin is elegant and spacious with upscale materials and outstanding build quality. Thanks to the elevated seating position drivers will always have an outstanding view of the road regardless of their height.

Common GMC Yukon XL 1500 A/C Problems

Some drivers of the GMC Yukon have discovered a manufacturing defect where the air conditioning will produce noise whenever the compressor switches or engages. The noise is comparable to CD spinning which drivers find very annoying, and in some cases becomes louder as time passes. One dealership attempted to resolve the issue by replacing the compressor but the noise continued and has become the subject of ongoing investigation by GMC technicians.

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