GMC Sierra

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About GMC

GMC has a long and decorated history of over 110 years and has shaken up the automotive industry with its newest models, development, and upgrades in the past. When the brand developed and sold the electric self-starter commercially in its 1912 Cadillac, it rendered the traditional hand crank engine starter obsolete. Today, it manufactures premium-quality heavier vehicles such as pickup and light-duty trucks, vans, and SUVs. It retains a loyal pool of customers with newer luxury frontrunners such as the Denali and the revolutionary Hummer.

About GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is recognized by many for its distinguishing exterior features that have convinced many buyers to make the switch – comprising a newer and unique Multi-Pro tailgate design that optimizes space while providing innovative utility. It can operate as the traditional function of the tailgate, act as a platform for loading, or as a standing workstation. In addition, the Sierra is known for its energy efficiency with excellent fuel management capabilities – featuring cylinder deactivation.

While it's nothing ground-breaking or new, the brand's signature Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) redefines and upgrades this process with sophisticated computer control, allowing you more autonomy on your fuel consumption. Lastly, it also comprises CarbonPro carbon-fiber cargo box lining the inner panels, tailgate liner, and steel bed floor made earlier in 2019. It is constructed with a durable, high-tech manufactured material that is lighter, stronger, and more resistant to cracking than steel.

Common GMC Acadia A/C Problems

Many drivers have encountered a common issue using the Sierra: the cabin air filter gets clogged and dirty easily, causing the vehicle's A/C  to malfunction. It is an integral part of the ventilation system and usually requires a change after a mileage of up to 10,000 to 20,000 – or even faster if you drive in a dirtier and more polluted environment.

A clogged filter can exert and put unnecessary strain on the A/C system, resulting in higher energy and fuel consumption. Additionally, it will cause reduced cooling and airflow, resulting in more warm air being circulated. You can try vacuuming and removing the superficial layer of dust and debris to clean the filter – however, if this does not improve the ventilation significantly, it's clear that it's time for a replacement.

Get Automotive A/C Products for GMC Sierra Now!

Having a well-functioning AC unit is key to ensuring optimal comfort and concentration while driving for long-haul drivers. The last thing you will want to experience is a malfunctioning AC system that blows out hot air, especially when going through the desert or the tropical, humid climate. Therefore, before heading for that long journey, it is wise to send your vehicle for an inspection and procure the parts you require from R&Y Compressors for your GMC Sierra. Our products are made with quality and excellence and have been tried and tested for your convenience!