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About GMC

GMC, or General Motors Truck Company, is a division which specializes in the manufacture of utility vehicles and trucks. This includes buses, pickup trucks, vans, SUVs and even military vehicles. Its products are marketed internationally through General Motors and within the USA, most GMC dealers are synonymous with Buick dealerships, an arrangement which allows both to market high end trucks and cars. GMC is one of the oldest American brands, having been established by William Durant. It is derived from the Reliance and Rapid Motor companies, which were merged together to form GMC in 1911.

About GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is a pickup truck which shares a number of similarities with the Silverado. The latest edition comes with the Denali and AT4 trim levels, which are very popular. Also present is an audio system from Kicker with a reinforced composite bed. Those that purchase the AT4 variant will gain access to distinct trim in the exterior.

The GMC Sierra drivetrain consists of a V8, 5.3 liter engine that is paired with a ten speed automatic transmission. This gives it unbelievable hauling power, not to mention acceleration. Drivers will also have access to state of the art features like Dynamic Fuel Management and 4 wheel drive. Tow mirrors are designed to help with visibility, along with a camera that has a bed view and a 360 degree camera that is high definition. The Sierra is one of the few pickup trucks that can perform heavy duty work while still providing various luxury features.

Common GMC Sierra A/C Problems

Some owners have reported A/C failures. When attempting to use it only hot air would blow out. The truck was taken to a technician to have its Freon recharged, but the Freon would begin leaking after forty eight hours after which the A/C would stop working completely. This required a second diagnostic appointment, and some drivers have stated that the issue is potentially dangerous, not just because of the Freon leakage, but because the air which is being emitted from the vents is exceptionally hot.

Other drivers have stated that sometimes the heater starts up on its own and will not shut down once the vehicle has been deactivated. In order to shut it off the hood had to be opened and the fuse then extracted from its fuse box.

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