GMC Savanna 2500

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About GMC

GMC began automotive manufacturing in 1920 when its trucks along with the lineup offered by Chevrolet gained enormous traction in the community. Both of their trucks were built with the same variants but with certain differences like grilles, nameplates and engines. GMC marketed its series of trucks to the commercial sector but Chevrolet focused on targeting the consumer market. Both GMC and Chevrolet continued on thriving in their individual areas of expertise to this date.

About GMC Savanna 2500

The GMC Savanna 2500 is a successor of the Chevrolet van, showcasing similar capabilities through a series of models. For its latest release in 2022, the GMC Savanna has entered its 26th year of production, serving as one of the longest-manufactured auto designs in American automotive history. The van is marketed mainly in North American markets which it is popular for various commercial applications.

Common GMC Savanna 2500 A/C Problems

Owners of the GMC Savanna 2500 have shared with us various problems they have encountered before with their vehicle A/C system. One of the main issues is a squealing sound heard from the A/C unit. This can be caused by a failed compressor which also points to a failed A/C system.

If you think that your A/C system is blowing at a very low pressure, your A/C blower motor may be clogged. It may also have failed which needs to be replaced before you can feel enough A/C air pressure again.

If the A/C unit is blowing warm or hot air, its evaporator may have failed. This a result of gradual deterioration which began with it first being clogged before leaking. Warm or hot air may also be a result of a failed compressor unit. This also causes a grinding sound to be heard from the unit. In the event of such a mechanical failure, a complete compressor replacement is needed.

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