GMC Savanna 1500

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About GMC

GMC was formerly known as GMC Truck and Coach Division of the General Motors Corporation. It focuses solely on producing utility vehicles and trucks for the commercial sector as well as a lineup of heavy-duty vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, and more. GMC started off with an outstanding reputation alongside Chevrolet Trucks, producing high-performance and heavy-duty vehicles. Both these manufacturers’ lineup of trucks shares mostly the same body sheet work except for their vehicles’ grilles and nameplates.

About GMC Savanna 1500

The GMC Savanna is a collection of full-size vans manufactured by General Motors. It is considered as the successor of the Chevrolet Van which is a single generation of the series which has been marketed since the year 1996. There are three major models for this series which include a cargo van, passenger van, and a cutaway van chassis.

Common GMC Savanna 1500 A/C Problems

There have been various problems faced by owners of the GMC Savanna 1500. The most common A/C issue we have heard of is the A/C blowing insufficient cold air to cool the vehicle. This may be caused by a decrease in air pressure due to a clogged blower motor. If the problem persists, the blower motor can fail and needs to be replaced.

If you feel that the air being blown out of your vehicle’s A/C vents is not cold enough, you probably need to recharge your A/C system. The gradual leak of your car’s A/C refrigerant may have been happening for quite some time now and the A/C system will eventually stop functioning fully.

After turning on your ignition but your engine idle speed is not undulating, this is a sign of a failed A/C condenser. When the condenser fails, the A/C will follow suit. You can switch on the air-conditioning system but there will not be any air being blown from its vents.

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