GMC Savana 4500

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About GMC

Did you know that GMC trucks were exported in 1923 to Japan to aid the main Japanese island of Honshū during the Great Kantō earthquake? Before the natural disaster, most of Japan's commerce and goods were done through wooden carts and railroads owned by the government – which were severely damaged as the train tracks were damaged beyond repair.

Subsequently, the automotive company continued to supply vehicles as the transportation infrastructure was being redeveloped and rebuilt – autonomous trucks were discovered to be a more effective way of accessing and navigating through badly damaged areas.

This utility aspect of the brand was observed to continue in its history, producing various vehicles such as manufacturing trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, transit buses, and many more.

About GMC Savana 4500

The GMC Savana 4500 is recognized by customers for the flexibility the model offers. From three available wheelbase to three engine options (including the power-efficient Duramax 6.6L turbodiesel)  to various exterior color selection to single or dual rear wheels choices, it provides its owner options for different variety of uses to maximize utility, comfort, and durability.

Also known as the Savana Cutaway, the model also provides optimal infotainment featuring an array of audio systems that includes MP3 and CD capability, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, a USP port, and navigation to keep you engaged and well-informed. Additionally, it has two auxiliary 12-volt power outlets and a 110-volt outlet on the dashboard for all your charging needs. Some notables are dual rear wheels, cruise control, power windows, power lock, and a wide-stance sail panel mounted outside the mirrors for its available exterior features.

Common GMC Savana 4500 A/C Problems

Some drivers have experience inconsistent temperatures with their A/C, where the air circulating in the interior feels warm once the engine is idle. In addition, they reported their A/C compressor clutch rattling on and off irregularly, producing a high level of noise. This is usually an indicator that the refrigerant in the vehicle is low, and the low pressure exerted by the refrigerant will cause the switches to misread the pressure. The coolant also might leak, resulting in moisture penetrating the system, causing the clutch to clank on and off.

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