GMC Envoy

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About GMC

GMC used to be known as General Motors Truck Company which makes up part of General Motors. It used to primarily focus on making utility vehicles and trucks and today, it manufactures a wide range of trucks and vans as well as SUVS. Many GMC and Chevrolet vehicles are similar in their mechanic settings but GMC holds a market position as a manufacturer of premium trucks which are marketed alongside Chevrolet that also offers luxury vehicles.

About GMC Envoy

The GMC Envoy is a mid-size SUV manufactured by General Motors from the year 1998 through to 2009. The Envoy adopted a nameplate used by GM Canada and was the direct counterpart of the Trailblazer by Chevrolet. Two generations of the Envoy series were sold which were all assembled at General Motors’ automobile factory located in Moraine, Ohio and another one in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These two factories were later shut by 2008, thus discontinuing the Envoy series.

Common GMC Envoy A/C Problems

There are many A/C problems that have been shared thus far by owners of the GMC Envoy. Some of the most common problems include warm air, low air pressure, little to no air, noises, and gradually losing coldness.

The warm A/C air situation may be caused by a bad A/C evaporator. This is a result of a clogged evaporator that restricts the flow of refrigerant to the system. A lack of refrigerant will not be able to cool the vehicle adequately especially in hot weather.

If the A/C system’s air pressure has greatly reduced, its blower motor may be blocked by dust and debris. The A/C system may still work but eventually there will not be anymore air being blown out once the blower motor fails.

For A/C noises like a grinding or squealing sound, this usually has to do with the A/C compressor. Replacing it will stop the noises and improve the system’s air quality.

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