GMC Canyon

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About GMC

GMC is a reputable commercial vehicle manufacturer that has been producing a wide array of premium commercial vehicles. To date, it has manufactured vans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and light-duty trucks that are also marketed alongside a premium vehicle range under the Buick brand. GMC also used to make other heavy-duty commercial vehicles like ambulances, military vehicles, motorhomes, and transit buses for various sectors.

About GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon is General Motors Corporation’s midsize pickup which is regarded as the little sibling of the Sierra, a full-size version of the pickup. GMC reintroduced the GMC Canyon in the year 2015, releasing the model during the same period that Chevrolet relaunched the Colorado which is its mechanical twin. GMC then went on to add an off-road variant to the Canyon series known as AT4 which is high-performance but does not display the same capabilities as the Colorado ZR2.

Common GMC Canyon A/C Problems

Some of the common A/C problems faced by owners of the GMC Canyon include an air-conditioning system that has stopped blowing cold air. The air may be at room temperature or can even be warm on some days. This problem is often associated with a refrigerant leak that has slowly been happening over the course of several days, weeks or even years. This calls for an A/C recharge to get the unit functioning like normal again.

Another A/C problem in the GMC Canyon is the unit’s vents blowing warm air or releasing a grinding sound upon the system being switched on. This can happen in the event of a mechanical failure which may require a replacement of its compressor.

If you are experiencing warm air blowing through the A/C’s vents, your evaporator may be leaking or clogged. It needs to be replaced so sufficient refrigerant can flow through the system to cool the vehicle.

Upon turning on your engine and you notice that your engine idle speed does not roll when you switch on the A/C system, take a look at the A/C condenser. Often times, a full replacement of the condenser is required.

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