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About GMC

General Motors Corporation is commonly known as GMC. This commercial vehicle manufacturer produces a broad range of vehicles for the premium commercial market. Its list of vehicles includes vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and light-duty trucks that are currently marketed alongside luxury cars at joint dealerships. Back in the days, General Motors Corporation also used to produce a wide collection of other heavy-duty vehicles like motorhomes, ambulances, heavy-duty trucks, military vehicles, transit buses, and medium-duty trucks.

About GMC C8500 Topkick

GMC Topkick series is comprised of medium-duty trucks that was produced by the GMC and Chevrolet divisions of General Motors Corporation from the year 1980 through to 2009. The series was first introduced as a variant of the medium Chevrolet/Kodiak truck line and a total of three generations were manufactured. Placed between the GMC Brigadier Class 8 conventional lineup and Chevrolet/Kodiak trucks, the Topkick was developed to cater to vocationally-oriented trucks that include dump trucks, cargo haulers, and similar vehicles.

Common GMC C8500 Topkick A/C Problems

Some of the common A/C problems faced by owners of the GMC C8500 Topkick include the A/C motor not blowing much air, vents blowing mildly cold air, low A/C air pressure, and blown air is warm or even hot. If you have faced any of these A/C symptoms, here are several recommendations that can help improve your A/C system.

If your vehicle’s A/C unit is not blowing much air, have your blower motor inspected. It may need a replacement to allow the A/C system to blow smoothly without any clogs or blockages.

For vents that are blowing mildly cold air, the A/C system may need to be recharged. Refrigerant may already be leaking out gradually over the years and need to be refilled to maintain A/C coldness.

If your vents are blowing but the air is low in pressure, you may still feel cold air being blown but it may not last long. This also calls for a blower motor replacement to get the pressure running strong again.

For warm or even hot air being blown from the A/C vents, you may want to check on the AC evaporator. It may be clogged or leaking and insufficient refrigerant will lead to the blown air not feeling cold enough.

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