GMC C7500 Topkick

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About GMC

GMC or General Motors Corporation puts a primary focus on trucks and utility vehicles. The automaker currently produces pickup trucks, SUVs, light-duty trucks, and vans for the premium-based market. Previously, GMC also made ambulances, fire trucks, motorhomes, military vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, and transit buses for the commercial sector. Today, GMC vehicles are sold alongside Buick vehicles via joint vehicle dealerships, offering the same dealer a platform to market both luxury cars and trucks.

About GMC C7500 Topkick

The GMC C7500 Topkick is a medium-duty truck produced by the automaker, General Motors Corporation through 2009. The truck makes up part of the Topkick series which catered to the commercial sector. It is available in a series of options including the crew cab, standard cab, and cutaway cub. The GMC C7500 Topkick has a trailer pulling gross weight rating of 35,000 pounds for medium-weight hauling capabilities.

Common GMC C7500 Topkick A/C Problems

Some of the common A/C problems faced by owners of the GMC C7500 Topkick include warm air blowing, squealing or grinding noise, hot air blowing, low cold air pressure. If you have faced any of these symptoms, here are several recommendations that can help improve the situation.

If the air coming out from the A/C vents is warm, you may need to recharge your A/C system. However, if the air being blown out is hot, then your A/C evaporator may need a replacement.

Upon turning on your ignition, if you notice that its idle speed will not undulate when you switch on the A/C system, you may wish to have your condenser replaced.

For low A/C air pressure, the system’s blower motor needs to be inspected and may require a replacement.

If you are unsure of the exact parts that you require to get your vehicle’s A/C system up and running smoothly again, reach out to our experienced technicians through email or phone. We can provide professional recommendations so you can get hold of the right solutions.

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