GMC C6500 Topkick

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About GMC

While GMC has supplied its trucks and equipment for overseas military operations, the company has also engaged in humanitarian work. This started in 1923, when their trucks were sent to the nation of Japan to assist in the reconstruction and recovery of property that had been damaged by the great earthquake at Kanto. By 1925, the company was in a position where it could begin performing strategic mergers and partnerships and initiated this process through the acquisition of controlling interest within Yellow Coach, which was a Chicago based taxicab and bus production company.

About GMC C6500

First introduced in 2005, the C6500 was designed by GMC to be a heavy duty work vehicle. It is a moderately sized truck which can hold a large hauling container above its frame, and many enthusiasts consider it the scaled down variant of the eighteen wheeler. It is powered by a 3126 Caterpillar engine which provides between 216 and 260 horsepower. Because of its size, this truck has a large fuel tank which can hold up to seventy five gallons, enabling it to travel vast distances before having to be refueled.

It has a wheelbase of 260 inches and because it comes with one axle, there is just one rod which extends from front to back. It can carry an incredible amount of weight, with the maximum load being nearly twenty six thousand pounds.

Common GMC C6500 A/C Problems

Some drivers have encountered an unusual issue where after starting up their C6500 the truck’s A/C compressor will cycle off and on every three seconds, and will blow out hot and cold air while cycling. This forces the driver to deactivate the truck and then turn it on again, at which point the A/C starts working normally. One owner of a GMC C6500 spoke with a technician and discovered that the air conditioners in this truck are infamous for problems involving their control unit, which is why the problems occur. The toughest part of resolving this issue is the actual testing itself, but this can be accomplished using the Tech One GM Tool.

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