GMC C5500 Topkick

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About GMC

During the outbreak of the First World War, the U.S. government needed reliable trucks for troop transport and the hauling of cargo, and GMC played an important role in this. Their trucks were modified in a manner where they could carry both troops and even other vehicles for aviation support. In 1918, nearly ninety percent of the company’s truck manufacture was geared towards military use, and by the conclusion of WW1 GMC had provided more than 8500 trucks, which culminated in the company receiving the Distinguished Service Award.

About GMC 5500 Topkick

The GMC C5500 Topkick is designed for heavy duty operations, and is powered by a Durham 6.6 liter engine that can generate 330 horsepower while hauling several tons worth of freight. Both its rear and front axles are extremely powerful and specifically designed for this purpose. It has an automatic 6 speed transmission with a spring style suspension system. Hydraulic type disc brakes are used in the back and front to slow down and stop it.

These trucks come with a wheelbase of 176 inches and the capacity for the front axle is approximately eight thousand pounds, while the rear axle has a capacity of 13500 pounds. The GMC C5500 can travel long distances with ease due to the forty gallon fuel tank, and it has tow hooks in the front along with wiring assistance from the back trailer that makes it easier to connect to other vehicles. It only holds two passengers in front, as most of its space must be used for cargo, but it does have luxuries like radio, power steering, air conditioning and a heater.

Common GMC C5500 Topkick A/C Problems

One driver revealed that the air conditioning in their GMC C5500 wasn’t working, and after doing an inspection they found that the truck’s clutch wouldn’t engage. While the fuse was functional, they tried jumping its lower pressure switch, but had no luck. The truck was taken to a mechanic who found the relay and then used a schematic to identify the circuit. They found that one of the wires was broken and once that was repaired it fixed the problem.

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