GMC C4500 Topkick

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About GMC

In 1909, William C. Durant obtained control over the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, which would become the subsidiary for GMC. Eventually the two were combined with the Reliance Motor Car Company to become a single entity. In the early days the company had three manufacturing plants, which could be found in California, Missouri and Michigan.

By 1916 GMC made headlines when one of their trucks crossed the country from Washington State to New York City in just thirty days, which was a spectacular engineering feat at the time. By 1926 this record was shattered when a two ton truck from GMC traveled between New York and San Francisco in just five days.

About GMC C4500 Topkick

The GMC C4500 Topkick is a 4 wheel drive truck that features a crew cab and beefy chassis. It is powered by a 6.6 liter Duramax turbo diesel engine and buyers also get the option of a V8, 8.1 liter engine that can generate 325 horsepower. It has a 5 speed automatic transmission that is prized for its quick and smooth shifting.

This truck was designed for power and towing capacity rather than speed, so while it can certainly keep pace with traffic, it takes a while to accelerate from zero to sixty at 14.4 seconds. Additionally, its top speed is only seventy five miles per hour, which may be surprising to some, but this limit was likely put in place to conserve the tires while the vehicle is completely loaded. It weighs approximately 11,300 pounds.

Common GMC C4500 Topkick A/C Problems

One trucker stated that their GMC C4500’s A/C would function normally while driving, but the circuit breaker would pop whenever the truck was sitting still or idling for longer than five minutes. The driver attempted to resolve the issue by swapping out its control head first, and then its ice cube style relays, but the situation didn’t improve. Mechanics who investigated the issue concluded that it most likely stems from a fan clutch that has gone bad and cannot draw sufficient air through the condenser. This in turn creates higher head pressure along with an HP that is non-functional and the source of a blown fuse.

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