Freightliner FLD 132

While truck based air conditioners can malfunction for all sorts of reasons, you can be rest assured that R&Y Compressors has the replacement parts you need. We’re a family owned operation based in Miami, Florida that has supplied A/C and climate control parts to clients all over the country for more than thirty years.

About Freightliner

In 1997, Freightliner’s success and profitability allowed it to acquire Ford’s truck manufacturing division, after which it was renamed the Sterling. A couple of years later, in 1999, Freightliner achieved another milestone by manufacturing its 1 millionth truck. Around the same time, its Century Class was expanded while the Columbia models were modified for fleet based operations. Diversification was extremely important for trucking companies during the 1990s, and for Freightliner this involved multiple acquisitions.

About Freightliner FLD 132

The Freightliner FLD 132 is a formidable truck that is powered by a C15 Caterpillar turbo diesel based engine which generates an incredible 900 horsepower. It also has an air ride style suspension, thirteen speed transmission and tandem rear based axles. The tires are sturdy and durable and it has enough space to haul a huge amount of cargo. Because it uses a conventional semi-sleeper it provides unmatched comfort even when driven long distances, and uses an automatic transmission which makes it simple to operate.

The wheels are made with steel and aluminum while it has an air type suspension. The raised roof style sleeper means that the driver and their passengers can stretch out and relax and the air conditioning is strong enough to cool down the entire cabin. It comes in a variety of colors with one of the most popular being gold.

Common Freightliner FLD 132 A/C Problems

Drivers have encountered a number of air conditioning problems in this series. The first is the leakage of the mixing valve, which is simple to replace and when combined with a recharge will usually resolve the issue. Other truckers have stated that on separate occasions they needed to replace the expansion valve, blower and condenser.

Freightliner experts recommend changing the dryer to address leaks, but there have been cases where the evaporator was the culprit. Always check for cracks within the truck’s higher pressure line because they can be small and difficult to detect. Regarding the engine, many recommend the Cummins and Cat over the Mercedes model because they encountered problems with it.

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When something goes wrong with the air conditioning in your Freightliner truck, it is important to take it to a mechanic that specializes in them. These trucks have complex A/C systems and if you have no experience with them it is easy to make a misdiagnosis and purchase the wrong part. Once you know for certain what is causing the issue, be sure to order your replacement part from R&Y Compressors. Every product we sell has been remanufactured and is extensively tested to ensure quality, so browse for Freightliner FLD 132 A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!