Freightliner Classic XL

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About Freightliner

1979 was a landmark year for both Freightliner and the entire trucking industry, because then President Jimmy Carter signed a bill which deregulated transport for both ground and air vehicles. This deregulation altered the economics for trucking, eliminating the regulated carriage system which had protected carriers rather than allowing greater market competition.

In 1982, the Surface Transportation Assistance Act reduced length and weight standards while implementing an excise tax on the heavier trucks and their tires. The total length of the semitrailer combinations was no longer restricted. Freightliner was quick to adapt to these changes.

About Freightliner Classic XL

The Classic XL is a larger version of the Classic which is designed for extended haul truck operators. It comes with an extra-long hood, one hundred and thirty two inch bumper to back of cab (BBC) measurement as well as many exterior and interior features. The cab mount in front is designed to dampen vibration and the revised rear cab provides a more comfortable and quiet operation that is rarely seen in large trucks.

The engine mount is chevron shaped and designed with natural rubber that reduces engine vibration transmission. Its front cab also incorporates an isolator housing which will further dampen vibration while providing a smoother riding experience. High density materials which are sound dampening have also been added to the firewall and cab floor. Those who have been fortunate enough to operate this truck have stated that it is one of the best vehicles they’ve ever driven, especially with the various axle configurations.

Common Freightliner Classic XL A/C Problems

One driver encountered a problem where the A/C Compressor in their Freightliner Classic XL wouldn’t come on. They tried fixing the truck themselves by adding some Freon but the gauge displayed high pressure above the lower pressure line. They also reported that during the previous eighteen months there were four occasions where the truck’s coolant fan would deactivate whenever the truck was riding on a freeway, which would cause the vehicle to quickly overheat.

Mechanics recommended inspected the relays and fuses, along with the wiring and pressure switches. Corrosion might be present on the connector pins that could cause damage, and there might also be a software problem.

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