Freightliner Classic

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About Freightliner

White Motor Company, a longtime partner of Freightliner, begin to experience financial trouble during the 1970s. This was partly the result of expanding into the agricultural equipment and appliance sector without getting a return.

As a consequence, their distribution agreement with Freightliner was terminated in 1974, and the company finally became a freestanding distributor and manufacturer. While a lot of the initial dealers were part of White Motor Company, some of the entrepreneurs who signed up for truck representation did so without White Motor Company assistance.

About Freightliner Classic

The Classic is a large truck manufactured by Freightliner which has a Class 8 rating. It has a revised chassis design which provides greater handling and maneuverability than previous models. The truck still has the rugged appearance which has become a signature of Freightliner vehicles with a number of technological enhancements such as dual exhaust style stacks, making it ideal for both vocational as well as independent truckers.

The latest design offers a smoother riding experience, with quieter operation and a reinforced frame. It also comes with a state of the art front suspension that utilizes a dynamic rate which has been lowered to provide smoother movement even on difficult roads. Its cab suspension comes with bigger air springs in the rear and those that install a day cab will get the air ride based cab mount in the form of standardized equipment. Engineers at Freightliner have also made a number of improvements to the truck’s exhaust system.

Common Freightliner Classic A/C Problems

One driver stated that the A/C clutch in their Freightliner Classic no longer engages. They also noted that the request signal from the bulkhead module to the A/C switches off and on. A mechanic who reviewed the problem said that the best solution was the installation of either a new clutch or compressor, though in most cases the clutch fuse for the compressor would blow before damaging the module.

The mechanic also mentioned that problems have been found with the terminal that rests behind the truck’s fuse box since it is vulnerable to shorting out. It is essential to ensure the truck’s binary switch will have power going out and in.

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