Freightliner Cascadia

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About Freightliner

By the 1940s and 50s, Freightliner Manufacturing became Freightliner Corporation, and the company revolutionized the market by introducing the very first truck which featured a complete aluminum cab. Like other American vehicle manufacturers, Freightliner focused on wartime production during WW2, and resumed truck manufacture by 1947.

Around the same time, Freightliner focused on developing network distribution across its entire product line, which would foment greater production volume while lowering costs. In 1951 the company entered an arrangement with the White Motor Company in Ohio where White would sell Freightliner COEs using the name “White Freightliner” as a co-branding venture.

About Freightliner Cascadia

The Cascadia is a semi-trailer, heavy duty truck that was introduced by Freightliner in 2007. Since its inception it has become the company’s flagship model with a design that prioritized fuel efficiency as well as sound mitigation, powertrain offerings, mechanical stability and safety. It comes in 3 configurations, which are Raised Roof, Day Cab and Mid-Roof XT.

Some models function as sleeper cabs, and are offered in lengths which range from forty eight inches to seventy two inches. The Raised Roof models have lengths which range from 60” to 72.” The Cascadia was designed primarily for North American markets until 2020, when Freightliner introduced an export variant which was sold in New Zealand and Australia.

In 2013 Freightliner introduced the Cascadia Evolution, which is a variant designed with greater fuel efficiency. It is also outfitted with the newest aerodynamic enhancements as well as superior comfort for drivers and occupants.

Common Freightliner Cascadia A/C Problems

Some drivers have encountered a problem where the A/C compressor won’t engage, despite the system having enough Freon. The owner tried changing the pressure switch but this didn’t fix the issue. A technician who investigated the problem recommended having the truck scanned to determine if body based control code faults were present.

Once these fault codes are identified, they can be individually reviewed, and it is also important to check both the relays and fuses. The issue might also be software related and if this is the case the truck would need a software update from the dealer.

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